The Writing Cottage is officially out there!

Either in a green valley in the Lake District in UK, or enjoying a healthy (and warmer) experience of writing in the Dao wine region of Portugal, come and write with us!

At the Writing Cottage we run healthy writing retreats, primarily, in the UK and Portugal, for academics, postgraduate students and individuals working on other types of writing, including creative writing, fiction and poetry.  If you are an academic trying to progress with your journal article or a postgraduate student aiming to improve your writing habits or even completing your thesis or dissertation or even a non-academic writer such in need of some dedicated and quiet time, this space and method is for you. We are delighted to invite you to come along and write with us. Book your place in go writing!

Writing retreats for academic and non-academic purposes

It all started back in 2012 when I discovered that it was possible to enjoy writing. So I needed to urgently shared it with others. I did so by setting up a writing group at Lancaster University, in the Department of Educational Research, in which I replicated the writing retreat's approach. Since then, I supported many PhD students, early career researchers and other writers in demystifying the process of academic writing, but more importantly, to enjoy it!

As a social scientist, I do write every day, so I appreciate your support in coming along and writing with me. Book a place here! Read more about my background here.

Joana Zozimo, PhD

I transformed my experience of writing in just two days.
— Hannah

Healthy Writing Retreats

As writing is a social process, we ensure that dedicated time and space are sorted out to provide you with a transformative life-changing writing experience. Read what others say about my writing retreats here.

Through structured writing retreats we foster writers’ confidence in achieving their writing goals.
— Joana Zozimo


What can you achieve?

The output for each retreat varies depending on the writing project that you are working on. Evidence from previous retreats is shown here.