What can YOU achieve?

The output for each retreat varies depending on the writing project that you are working on. Evidence from a previous retreat showed some of participants’ outputs:

PhD chapter writing

In a typical writing retreat, a PhD student can on average write 4100 new words.

What I take from this retreat is to put aside my anxiety and stop thinking ‘start writing’, by gaining the motivation to start doing my corrections. The discipline of dedicated writing time helped me to achieve my goal of getting the corrections of two major chapters done.

— Ella Thomas, Full-time PhD student

Journal Article

Academics often report writing 2300 new words and 2000 words edited.

I particularly appreciated the friendly and calm manner in which Joana managed the retreat – keeping us well on track and helping ensure that we remained motivated and productive.

— Lancaster University, FASS Senior Lecturer

Book Chapters

Participants report to have written 2 book chapters: 2500 + 3000 new words. Edited 3100 words.

Last retreat, at Lancaster, I wrote 5000 words over two days, which was for a chapter that I handed in. This time I had three tasks planned, which entailed a text to editor who will read my work - so I wrote about 1500 words (all but editing) the task. The secured justified time to work with others is SUPER productive.

— Helen Smith, Creative writer

Using this structured approach, your focus is to make progress with a range of writing projects and more important you will be able to set your own realistic goals depending on the available slot time (see programme for a residential writing retreat ).

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