Writing retreats. What it is?

At the Writing Cottage we run writing retreats, primarily, in the UK and Portugal, for academics, postgraduate students and individuals working on other types of writing, including creative writing, fiction and poetry.

Writing retreats provide a dedicated writing time and space through a structured framework for working in your writing projects. In these retreats we support you in optimizing your experience of writing, helping you to achieve your writing goals. At a two-day and half residential retreat you can make significant progress with your chapter, journal article or book, or even drafted it from scratch! Read more about the most common achievements here.

To find out more about how it works, check some testimonials from academic staff and students, watch Dr Morag Thow's video and read Murray and Newton (2009) paper here. 

Last but not the least, check out my bio below, Joana Zozimo, PhD.

A Transformative experience

“You can transform your life and writing in just two days.” If that statement makes you want to try it out, consider yourself hooked.

Through writing retreats we create communities of writers that support each other in the process of academic writing there and thereafter. At different stages of the academic process, we strengthen your ability to set your own goals, to produce high level research outputs in both, English or Portuguese, whilst support you in solving any challenges you may have in the process of academic writing.

Immersed in the writing process we combine writing practice, good food, engagement with nature, healthy endogenous products, and laughter.

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Joana Zozimo - bio

Foto JZozimo .JPG

I have 15 years extensive experience in third sector project management in educational projects, mainly in Sub-Saharan African countries. I also worked in the charitable sector in Spain, Mozambique, Portugal and UK. From these global citizen’s experiences, I developed my ideas about an holistic approach to monitoring and evaluation through my doctoral research. I was successfully awarded my PhD in 2016 by Lancaster University, whilst part-time working as a social researcher.

I have experience in supporting peers, online tutorial for postgraduate students and blending learning with health and well being approaches to writing. My research experience in Higher Education includes qualitative research, survey research, evaluative research, longitudinal qualitative studies, case studies, ethnographic studies, semi-structured interviews, observations, documentary analysis and software packages for data analysis. In terms of research outputs, I use to write peer reviewed articles, published reports and research grants. See my detailed CV here.

I currently work as a researcher in REAP (Researching Equity, Access and Participation) and I am in the process of applying for an individual fellowship to expand my research interests, particularly through researching writing as a social practice. I also work as an associate trainer for other educational providers on research methods, alongside translating research to young people in schools and to charity-based practitioners.

In my role as a writing retreat facilitator, I combine the social theory of writing, the practice of getting it done, and the supportive environment needed to safeguard our health and well being.


I am determined to support you in the process of enjoying your writing! Dare to enjoy it!
— Joana