"Joana's courageous approach to writing has been an inspiration and a much-needed support for my own work.  She methodically leads by example so that challenges, for example major edits, can be successfully achieved.  Writing in one of her groups for 18 months played a crucial role in the completion of my first book".

Sheila Kelly, academic and creative writer


"Taking part in a regular writing group facilitated by Dr Joana Zozimo has helped me achieve my writing goals far more quickly than when I used to write solely on my own.  Not only does Joana create a relaxed and lightly structured environment for writing in, she also brings enormous positivity, patience and experience. Her advice and ideas have been greatly appreciated. I highly recommend her and writing as part of a group!"

Sandra Wearden, Final year PhD student


"I think the writing retreat organised by Joana was very useful for both doctoral students and academic staff. As a member of academic staff I can say that it helped me get an article I had been working on closer to its submission which is a really valuable support. Working in collaborative environments where fellow participants work on the same goal of writing towards tangible writing goals is highly beneficial. It provides the needed environment and impetus to simply write and also share ideas and progress among supportive but critical colleagues. Joana’s lead was crucial in creating such an environment. I would certainly attend such a retreat again".

Dr Natasa Lackovic, Lecturer


"My writing is a fragile thread, gets thin in places, sometimes breaks. And the writing retreat?  It’s like an extra strand that when my thread is wearing thin will strengthen it.  And if, despite that, my thread snaps?  Well, the retreat, it carries on, makes no demands on me.  It’s there when I pick my own thread up again; to be re-joined, to be re-joined to.  Then, if someone asks me, kindly, interested: ‘how’s it going?’, I might tell them. Or I might say ‘I would love to tell you one day - maybe next time’, and they’ll understand".

Jill Anderson, Researcher and part-time PhD student